The best cowhides come from South America and specially from Argentina. Enjoy our collection of exciting brindled, black & white two-colors, and three-colors exotic cowhides.

It should be remembered that cowhides are natural, therefore they are unique. This means they vary in colour, size, shape and pattern. The pictures exhibited here serve as a reference only and are not intend to show our actual stock of cowhides.

Black & White
Exotic Brindle
Three-color Cowhide
Stenciled hair on Cowhides
Exotic Caramel
Brown & White
Hereford Cowhide
Exotic Criollo
Light Exotic
Dark Exotic

Characteristic & Propertieof the cowhide rugs

• Excellent softness & flexibility.
• Resistance to the traction and the laceration.
• Average weight per hide: 4,2 Kgs
• Sizes range from 2,5 up to 4,5 square meters
• Incredible natural colors and exotic patterns to choose.
• Excellent texture & the best durability.
• Excellent for floor covering or alternative decoration.
• Tanned with chromium salt and vegetable oil.

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